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POWER INTERRUPTION RECOVERY This process will guide the operator through the steps to recover from a brief ( less than 3 minute ) power interruption. The goal is to quickly restore critical support systems before they reach an inoperable state. This process should take less than 3 minutes. Be Aware: A power failure, even a brief one, will shut down the accelerator, sources, and gate valves. Computers and alarms in the control room, and some lights, will continue to function on emergency power from the generator on the roof if it starts properly. You can tell if the power has come back on by the presence of the normal overhead lights.

The source vacuum controls and cooling water pump switches are kept in an “on” configuration by a UPS located on the sputter source vacuum cabinet. The UPS should keep these controls running for 30-40 minutes. The pumps themselves will thus restart automatically when the power comes back on, as long as the UPS is still working.

If a power blink is observed, or the phase alarm activates, immediately follow these steps as soon as the power comes back on:

1) The source cooling water must be re-activated. This control is on the side of the cabinet that is against the wall by the sputter source. You may need to hold the “on” switch for several seconds before the pump will remain on.

2) Check the vault cryopump compressors to verify that they have re-started. There is one next to the LE and HE pumping stations. If they are running they should be making noise and the pressure gauge should be oscillating between 75 and 100 psi. If they are not running try cycling the breaker on the back of the compressor. Do the same for any cryopump compressors associated with your beam line.

3) Acknowledge the alarm panel, reset the shutdown module and the tritium monitor.

4) If the blink was more than a few milliseconds the accelerator and all electrostatic devices will have shut down and all electrically operated gate valves (except for the sources) will have closed. If the accelerator was running, set all of its controls to the initial condition (off) settings.

5) Check the “main loop temp” on the alarm panel. If it is greater than ~58 the chiller has failed and you will need staff to restart it. Check the status of the magnets. Each magnet control module should be showing a red light for standby or off condition. Magnet current meters need to be showing zero amps. Turn down the magnets if they are not at zero.

6) Return to the vault and check that the 4 cryopumps ( LE line, LE pumping station, HE pumping station, analyzer line) are still cold. All pumps have reliable temperature gauges. Condensation or frost on the cryopump is a sign of failure. If they appear to still be good open the “pump” gate valve at each pumping station. If they have failed, shut down the compressor to begin regeneration, do not open any gate valves. Shut down by the yellow breaker on the rear of the compressor.

7) The HVAC, lab cooling water, and compressed air systems are automated and should return to normal operation within 5 minutes of power restoration. No action is required in the mechanical room upstairs.

8) This process has preserved the vacuum, cooling, climate control systems. The ion gauges, gates valves and ion sources will need to be carefully re-started to resume operation. To restore to the console control_power (cups, steerers, chain drive etc.) you will have to go to the blue chain drive control box in the vault and press the “start” button. Call the lab staff personnel for assistance in these matters.

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