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Faraday Cups

Wikipedia description of a Faraday Cup

OUAL Faraday Cup Control Panel Photograph

  • Each cup is contolled by one of the push buttons in the photo.
    1. The name of the cup operated by the button is always illuminated.
    2. When the cup is in, the red “in” light in the button is illuminated.
    3. When the cup is out, the green “out” light in the button is illuminated.
    4. Each time a button is pushed the cup will change to the other state, in or out.
  • Placing the LE cup in the “out” position will sound an audible and visual warning throughout the facility.
  • When the HIGH RAD MODE key switch is in the “ON” position there will be a 15 second delay between pushing the LE cup “out” button and:
    1. The cup lifting out of the beam path
    2. The green “out” light on the button illuminating
  • We have 4 Faraday Cups for beam current optimization at critical points along the beam path.
    1. LE: Located after the Buncher Tubes and before the LE XY steerer.
    2. HE: Located at the exit of the Accelerator before Quad 1.
    3. Analyzer: Located after the Image Slits and before the Beam Pick Off.
    4. Swinger: Located under the steps, after the Analyzer and before Swinger Magnet 1.
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