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Testing Policy & Interlock Rules

  1. All safety and warning devices, including interlocks, shall be checked for proper operation at intervals not to exceed three months. Results of such tests shall be maintained in the Testing, Calibration, and Shutdown Book.
    1. Such testing shall be the responsibility of Accelerator Staff.
    2. Interlock Testing: Testing of any one device will be sufficient to demonstrate proper operation of that device's interlock circuit. A different device on the interlock circuit will be tested at every three month interval.
    3. All audible and visual indicators will be checked for proper operation during each test.
    4. In the event the safety equipment is operating improperly, it shall be immediately reported to the RSO/IRRP and shall be repaired or replaced and never bypassed so as to enable radiation production.
  2. Calibration of fixed and portable monitoring equipment shall be the responsibility of the RSO/IRRP.
    1. Calibrations shall be at intervals not to exceed one year and after each servicing or repair.
    2. Records of calibrations shall be maintained in the Testing, Calibration, and Shutdown Book.
    3. Portable monitoring equipment shall be tested for proper operation daily, prior to use, when in use.
  3. A safety interlock shall not be used to turn off the Accelerator and/or beam, except in an emergency, or when testing the safety interlock. Routine shutdown shall be done following normal operating procedures and normal controls.
  4. No Operator will intentionally bypass a safety interlock.
  5. Discovery of a failed safety interlock or warning device will suspend all operations until that failure can be repaired.
  6. If, for any reason, the TALC finds it necessary to intentionally bypass a safety interlock this action shall be:
    1. Authorized by the OU Radiation Safety Officer
    2. Recorded in the Electronic Logbook and emailed to all recipients
    3. Posted as a written notice at the Accelerator Control Console, and
    4. Terminated as soon as possible.
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