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Staffing the Control Console

If the Accelerator is running (flashing red lights on) the Operator (Op1 or Op2) may leave the Control Room for up to 10 minutes by posting a conspicuous sign on the control console stating “Operator will Return in 10 Minutes”.

An Operator 1 may not operate any console controls, including faraday cups, other than those items they have been specifically trained to use in reponse to emergency situations. The exception to this restriction is operation of controls under direct supervision of an Operator 2 who is in the control room.

In stable operations, when no changes or area access are anticipated, an Operator 2 may leave an Operator 1 at the control console for up to an hour. The Operator 1 shall not make any changes to controls or allow any access to closed areas while alone on console. The Operator 2 shall define which, if any, areas are accessable.

If the experiment is producing measurable radiation on the Fixed Radiation Monitor System, and there is a need to enter the target area and/or Vault, the operator shall put in all Faraday cups and carry the DRD with the “High Rad Mode” key attached into the areas. The key can only be removed when the 15 second LE cup delay is activated. The DRD does not replace the need to do standard radiation surveys. Follow what the Radiation Safety Handbook says about surveys.

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