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 The 3D CAD models are mostly done in Fusion 360, and can be viewed online at: https://​​33Lxe0K The 3D CAD models are mostly done in Fusion 360, and can be viewed online at: https://​​33Lxe0K
 +We plan to use schedule 40 3/4" PVC piping for most of the connections. ​ This material is cheap, easily available, and chemically resistant. ​ It it also rated for temperatures of 140°F (60°C). ​ Our target working temperature is 40°C, giving us a pressure derating factor of 50%.  This gives a maximum working pressure of 145 PSI (135 PSI for 1") well in excess of anything we expect to generate.
 +Plumbing was designed for long-term use and ease of maintenance. ​ Union-type valves were selected with NPT threaded fittings. ​ This allows us to replace the cheap and readily available PVC to socket adapters, rather than needing to stock spares of special and expensive valve sockets.
 +The port at the top of the tank will be retrofitted with a T to allow installation of a clear PVC pipe to act as a sight glass, along with a valve and a fill port, for adding oil to the system. ​ A temperature and pressure relief valve will also be installed on this port (valve is supplied with the water heater).  ​
 +A drip-pan will be installed below the entire system, to contain any oil in the event of a plumbing break or relief valve event.  ​
 +The existing 19" rack will be replaced with some 19" square-hole rack rail mounted to an 80-20 frame. ​ This 80-20 frame will also support the water heater and piping.  ​
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