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Switching Extension Legs

Switching Extension Legs

 1. Turn power switch on ( white lights will come on).
 2. Select leg.
 3. Turn power off (interlock light will light leg selected).
 4. Turn power to on again ( on light will not light yet ).
 5. Turn quad supply on (swithcon right thant says "off").
 6. You can now operate quad.

To go to another leg.

 1. Run quad.  supply to zero and turn off power ( switch to left).
 2. Select another leg (lighs will remain the same).
 3. Turn power off.
 4. Interlock for leg selected will come one.
 5. Turn power on and quad on and continue as above.

NOTE: Always turn quad power off before attempting to switch legs. Switching magnet polarty must be done in a separate operation.

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