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NEC Alphatross RF Source Instructions

Duoplasmatron Instructions

Please study the diagram below.

These instructions were developed by David Ingram, please e-mail any comments or questions about them to him, at

This page includes: Duoplasmatron cold start, warm start, start from standby; shutdown completely, shutdown for warm start, shutdown to standby; Trouble shooting; 3He operation.

Duoplasmatron Start-up

You need to determine what the state of the source is before you do anything. Depending on the electrical and vacuum status the source will be starting from cold, warm, or standby.

The first check you need to make is on the vacuum status of the source. The source pressure should be less than 5×10-6 torr. If it is not find out why before going any further.

If the control power for the machine, and/or for the source are off, or if the sodium canal supply is off or at zero current, you are starting from the cold state.

If the power to the source console is on and the sodium canal heater current is ~0.3 A and a beam has been successfully extracted previously, then the source is starting already warm.

If the power to the source console is on and the sodium canal heater current is ~0.55 A and there is ~0.75 A of arc and the extraction and canal supplies are on, then the source is in standby.

If the source is in any other state please ask before proceeding.

Starting warm

This applies when the source already been run successfully and the Sodium heater current left at ~0.3 A, and is the usual state from which to start the source. At the Control Console:

1. Check the source vacuum is less than 5×10-6 torr.

In the Vault:

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