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-==== NEC Alphatross RF Source Instructions ==== +====== NEC Alphatross RF Source Instructions ======
-  +
-** Duoplasmatron Instructions **+
-**Please study the diagram below.**+=== START UP ===
-{{playground:​duo.jpg|}}+== In the Vault ==
 +  - Verify LE Extension Vacuum - indicated by Ion Gauge controller with orange displays on magnet.
 +  - Verify Source Vacuum - indicated Ion Gauge controller with blue displays in 19" rack.
 +  - Unground alpha source and hang shepherd'​s hook on concrete wall conduits
 +  - Close Alphatross gate and verify interlocks OK by observing indicator light.
 +  - Set buncher tube selector switch - see [[playground:​buncher|Buncher Setup and Use]]
 +  - Unground sputter source [optional], hang shepherd'​s hook on gate.
 +  - Close Sputter source gate.
-These instructions were developed by David Ingram, please e-mail any comments or questions about them to him, at In the Control Room ==
-This page includesDuoplasmatron cold startwarm startstart from standby; shutdown completelyshutdown ​for warm startshutdown ​to standby; Trouble shooting; 3He operation.+  - Source camera must have a view of the Faraday screen on the blue box of the source head.   
 +    - To gain control of the source cameraOn the joystick unit press "​2"​ then "​CAM"​ to specify the camera. 
 +    - Use the joystick and "​TELE"​ or "​WIDE"​ to create a view of interest. Pressing "​6"​ followed by "​Call"​ will move and zoom the camera appropriately.  
 +  - If not already presentlaunch the Alphatross software (Version 6.0) on the source computer. 
 +  - Press the "​on"​ button for Water Cooling. ​ The water cooling system: 
 +    - operates independently of the source and the HV interlocks. ​  
 +    - contains a flow switch that must be closed in order to start the source. 
 +    - provides heat to prevent Rb freezing. 
 +    - provides cooling to the magnet in the source. 
 +  - In prompt succession press the "​on"​ buttons for: Source Power and He4 Gas. 
 +    - These actions ​start a 60 second timer on the RF supply and set initial conditions on the Magnet and Mass Flow Controller. 
 +    - A dim neon light will illuminate behind the Faraday screen on the source box. 
 +    - After 60 seconds the RF power starts. ​ This: 
 +      - gives a reading on the meter above the Faraday screen 
 +      - may ignite the plasma giving an intense white glow. 
 +  - Raise the Magnet to 4 A (may ignite the plasma). 
 +  - If the plasma has not ignited 
 +    - Raise the gas flow until the plasma ignites. ​ This should be less than 1 SCCM in most instances. 
 +    - Quickly lower the gas flow back to 0.350 SCCM (or your desired operating rate). 
 +  - Set the probe voltage by: 
 +    - Monitoring the Ion Gauge pressure. 
 +      - it should remain less than 4 x 10-6 Torr.   
 +      - Operating range is around 2 x 10-6 or less. 
 +    - Raise the Probe Voltage to 3 kV. 
 +      - Check probe current to insure that it is less than 4 mA. 
 +    - Continue raising the probe voltage to 6kV. 
 +      - Maintain probe current less than 4mA.  High probe current may indicate: 
 +        - Source is still grounded. 
 +        - Source is dirty and requires service. 
 +  - Set Extractor Voltage to 5kV. 
 +  - Set Bias Voltage to a value that gives desired injection energy. ​ Typical values are at least 53keV. 
 +    - Injection energy is displayed in the upper window. 
 +    - Injection energy is the sum of ProbeExtractor, and Bias voltages. 
 +    - Beam yields improve above 30 keV. 
 +  - Set the Focus Voltage to 5.5 kV 
 +  - Set the Faraday cup meter to position 7 (Alphatross cup). 
 +  - Tune for maximum __stable__ beam. 
 +    - Primary adjustment at this stage seems to be focus voltage. 
 +    - Current may be on the order of 30 μA. 
 +  - Set the Oven Voltage to 80 V. 
 +  - Set Einzel Lens to 20 kV. 
 +  - Wait until the Oven Temperature is at least 160 C10 - 20 minutes. 
 +  - Tune for maximum stable beam using 
 +    - Focus Voltage 
 +    - Mass Flow - optimum around 0.25 SCCM. 
 +    - Verify injection energy is at desired value. 
 +  - Open source gate valve. 
 +  - Take our source Faraday cup. 
 +  - Move FC selector switch ​to position 1 (LE cup) 
 +  - Tune beam into FC 
 +    - Set inflection magnet (typical values are around 1.2 A) 
 +    - Typical beam currents at this stage are around 500 nA.
 +  * Oven Voltage can be increased to give additional beam current. ​ It IS possible to boil all of the Rb out of the oven.  When this happens, the oven temperature will rise and the chamber temperature will fall.  Decrease the oven voltage and allow Rb to accumulate within the oven.
-** Duoplasmatron Start-up ** +===SHUT DOWN===
- +
-You need to determine what the state of the source is before you do anything. Depending on the electrical and vacuum status the source will be starting from cold, warm, or standby. +
- +
-The first check you need to make is on the vacuum status of the source. The source pressure should be less than 5x10<​sup>​-6</​sup>​ torr. If it is not find out why before going any further. +
- +
-If the control power for the machine, and/or for the source are off, or if the sodium canal supply is off or at zero current, you are starting from the cold state. +
- +
-If the power to the source console is on and the sodium canal heater current is ~0.3 A and a beam has been successfully extracted previously, then the source is starting already warm. +
- +
-If the power to the source console is on and the sodium canal heater current is ~0.55 A and there is ~0.75 A of arc and the extraction and canal supplies are on, then the source is in standby. +
- +
-If the source is in any other state please ask before proceeding. +
- +
-** Starting warm ** +
- +
-This applies when the source already been run successfully and the Sodium heater current left at ~0.3 A, and is the usual state from which to start the source. +
-At the Control Console: +
- +
-1. Check the source vacuum is less than 5x10<​sup>​-6</​sup>​ torr. +
- +
-In the Vault:+
 +  - Click the software button "​Automatic Shutdown"​
 +  - Confirm you wish to quit by answering "​y"​
 +  - Walk away.  ​
 +  - ** Do not open the source gates until the process is finished **
 +    - This process puts in the cup, closes the gate valve, and shuts down the source as things cool to proper levels.
 +    - The automated process can be stopped by clicking the "​Automatic Shutdown"​ again.
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