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 +**Faraday Cups**
 +[[http://​​wiki/​Faraday_cup|Wikipedia description of a Faraday Cup]]
 +[[OUAL Faraday Cup Control Panel Photograph]]
 +  * Each cup is contolled by one of the push buttons in the photo. ​
 +      - The name of the cup operated by the button is always illuminated.
 +      - When the cup is in, the red "​in"​ light in the button is illuminated.
 +      - When the cup is out, the green "​out"​ light in the button is illuminated.
 +      - Each time a button is pushed the cup will change to the other state, in or out.
 +  * Placing the LE cup in the "​out"​ position will sound an audible and visual warning throughout the facility.
 +  * When the HIGH RAD MODE key switch is in the "​ON"​ position there will be a 15 second delay between pushing the LE cup "​out"​ button and:
 +      - The cup lifting out of the beam path
 +      - The green "​out"​ light on the button illuminating
 +  * We have 4 Faraday Cups for beam current optimization at critical points along the beam path.
 +      - LE: Located after the Buncher Tubes and before the LE XY steerer.
 +      - HE: Located at the exit of the Accelerator before Quad 1.
 +      - Analyzer: Located after the Image Slits and before the Beam Pick Off.
 +      - Swinger: Located under the steps, after the Analyzer and before Swinger Magnet 1.
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