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Power Failure

A power outage lasting longer than 1 minute can not be recovered from without the attention of Accelerator staff and will take a minimum of 4 hours before operations can resume.

The Operator should take the following actions after power is restored:

1) Silence any alarms that have activated 2) Notify Accelerator Staff of the situation 3) Re-activate the cooling water loop pumps. The controls are located at the entry to the source area. (Ground the high voltage cage). Push each start button. The source cooling water must also be re-activated. This control is on the side of the cabinet that is against the wall by the sputter source. You may need to hold the “on” switch for several seconds before the pump will remain on.

4) Check the status of the vault cryopump compressors. There is one in the high energy pumping station and one next to the low energy pumping station. If they are running, turn them off. Red toggle switch on the front of the HE compressor, yellow breaker on the rear of the LE compressor.

5) Proceed to the mechanical room. Stand at the yellow circle painted on the floor in front of the main breaker panel. Push the reset and start buttons on panels A, B, & C. This will activate 2 air handlers, and the water pump behind you.

6) Return to the Control Room

7) Set all electrostatic devices to zero or neutral, and then turn off

8) On the control computer, go to the Restart tab and select the Settings Logger

9) Set the TPS and Charging Controller to the Initial Condition values

10) Check the status of the fire alarm and take action as required

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