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 +We chose to use a water heater for this application because it contains many of the components needed in a single compact package.
 +  - Small capacity tank - The original system had a 64 oz (1.89 liter) HDPE bottle. ​ The water heater selected has a 7 gallon (26.5) liter tank.  This additional tank capacity should help limit temperature fluxations, which will be caused by adding heat to or removing heat from the alphatross assembly.
 +  - Heating elements - The original system contained a fluid-to-air heat exchanger with a fan, which was only capable of removing heat from the system. ​ We believe that this causes the alphatross baffles to be colder than the melting point of Rb, causing depletion of Rb from the oven, and leading to maintenance. ​ Our test setup included a 900W inline heating element scavenged from a failed coffee maker. ​ We used a 2:1 step-down transformer to limit the maximum heat added to the system. ​ However, this setup was cumbersome, and prone to failure, particularly in fluid connections to the heater.
 +  - Temperature control - The original system had NO feedback for temperature control. ​ The heat exchanger fan was powered any time the pump was running. ​ We replaced this with a cheap off-the-shelf PID temperature controller and SSR.  Temperature feedback took some experimentation. ​ Placing the thermocouple on the heater lead to fluid temperatures significantly below the target. ​ The largest factor here was probably heat transfer into the fluid, which was poor due to poor circulation rates (more on this in the pump page).
 +Links about the Bosch water heater:
 +Product page: https://​​us/​en/​ocs/​residential/​tronic-3000t-1098972-p/​
 +Installation manual: https://​​us/​media/​country_pool/​documents/​point-of-use-mini-tanks-manuals/​6720801072_tronic3000t_es2.5-4-8_installation_instructions_en_es_usa_02.2019_us.pdf
 +Engineering Submittal Sheet: https://​​us/​media/​country_pool/​documents/​downloads-for-bosch-products/​engineering-submittal-sheets/​final_ess_tronic3000t_es2_5-4-8_ess_06_2015_us_1.pdf
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