Statistical estimates of nuclear reaction rates are essential ingredients for astrophysical model calculations, e.g. r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers, and nuclear applications, e.g. next generation nuclear reactor performance. Rate calculations require experimental or theoretical constraints for nuclear properties such as level densities (temperature), gamma-strength functions, particle optical potentials, and level spin distributions. Recently major advances have been made experimentally constraining the statistical properties of nuclei, particularly off the valley of beta-stability, while systematic studies have identified critical data needs for astrophysics and applications. As such, the time is ripe to “take the temperature” of the field of statistical nuclear physics to share recent advances and promising opportunities. In particular, the meeting aims to focus on the following topics: limits of the statistical model, overlaps between statistical physics for atoms and nuclei, and overlaps between statistical nuclear physics for astrophysics and applications, with a particular emphasis on fission and the r-process.

Confirmed invited speakers at T3 include: Lee Bernstein (LBNL), Ann Cecilie Larsen (Oslo), Nicole Vassh (Notre Dame), Reto Trappitsch (LLNL), and Jutta Escher (LLNL).

Naturally, we need to consider how the coronavirus (covid-19) situation may impact the meeting. We are cautiously optimistic that a mid July workshop will be feasible. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest that no travel plans be made before the end of April. At the end of April, we will reach out noting whether the meeting will continue as scheduled, or if a postponement will be necessary. If we do proceed and a later cancellation is deemed necessary, all registration fees will be fully refunded.

We look forward to a productive and collegial meeting. Pursuant to this, all attendees are expected to abide by the JINA Code of Conduct.

The second circular for T3 can be found here.

The T3 meeting will be held at Walter Hall on the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA.
More information about travel and lodging will be posted here.

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  • Local Organizers:
    • Zach Meisel [Contact: t3(at)ohio(dot)edu]
    • Carl Brune
    • Madappa Prakash
    • Alexander Voinov

  • International Co-Organizers:
    • Jutta Escher (LLNL)
    • Magne Guttormsen (U. Oslo)
    • Hye Young Lee (LANL)
    • Anna Simon (U. Notre Dame)
    • Mathis Wiedeking (iThemba)

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Questions can be addressed to t3(at)ohio(dot)edu.