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In the Physics and Astronomy department at Ohio University


Value statement

Physics and Astronomy are best done in an inclusive environment. The students, staff, and faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy are committed to professional interactions, with respect and consideration of the rich and diverse backgrounds of all its members. We expect each member of our Department to encourage and support a culture of equality and inclusion of all social identities in all activities in which we participate, and to uphold all Ohio University diversity policies.



Reporting issues and concerns

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Getting support at Ohio University and within our professionnal associations

At Ohio University:

Professional Societies
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Best practices for Diversity Inclusion and Equity

in Physics and Astronomy:

at Ohio University:
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Ohio U policies

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Inclusion and Equity committee of the Physics and Astronomy department

The goals of the committee are to assess the diversity, inclusion and equity climate of the P&A department, to affirm and communicate those values within the department and to research and implement best practices.
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Additional documents




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