Seminars: Spring 2023

January 24 Pablo Giuliani, Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University,
Less is more: Dimensionality reduction for accelerating uncertainty quantification
(Host: D. Odell)
February 1 Yuri Kovchegov, The Ohio State University,
Small-x Quark and Gluon Helicity Contributions to the Proton Spin Puzzle
(Host: J. Frantz)
Note: INPP seminar and Nuclear Lunch are swapped in this week.
February 7 INPP Open House (no seminar)
February 14 Valentine's Day (no seminar)
February 21 Debora Pias Mroczek, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Searching for phase transitions in neutron stars with modified Gaussian processes
(Host: C. Drischler)
March 2 Jane Kim, Michigan State University,
Neural-network quantum states for infinite matter
(Host: D. Phillips)
Note: no regular INPP seminar on Tuesday in this week.
March 7 No seminar
March 14 Spring Break (no seminar)
March 21 Daniel Ayangeakaa, UNC Chapel Hill,
Nuclear Structure as a necessary input to determining the neutrino mass via neutrinoless double beta decay
(Host: C. Brune)
April 4 No seminar
April 11 Miguel Arratia, UC Riverside,
Towards Quantum Imaging of Nuclei
(Host: J. Frantz)
April 18 APS meeting (no seminar)
April 25 Pieter Maris, Iowa State University,
Ab initio calculations of the structure of p-shell nuclei
(Host: Ch. Elster)
The INPP seminar will be in-person in Lindley Hall, room 321, at 4 pm.
For remote seminars, connection info for the video conference (TEAMS or ZOOM) and abstract of the talk will be communicated by email before the seminar.
The emails are sent to the inpp-seminar mailing list. To be added to this mailing list, contact Christian Drischler or Justin Frantz.

Nuclear Lunch Seminar
is held in the R. Finlay Conference room, Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, Wednesday at 11:50 am.