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Seminars: Spring 2022

January 18 Brian Metzger, Columbia University
"Shining New Light on the Physics of Neutron Star Mergers""
(Host: M. Prakash)
January 25 Adam Fristch, Ohio University
"Nuclear Structure Studies with Time Projection Chambers and Gamma Detectors"
(Host: Z. Miesel)
February 1 Caleb Marshall, NSCL/FRIB
"Study of (alpha,n) Reactions with SECAR"
(Host: C. Brune)
February 8 Steffen Strauch, University of South Carolina
"The Muon Proton Scattering Experiment (MUSE)at PSI"
(Host: C. Djalali)
February 16, Wednesday during nuclear lunchtime! Rachel Montgomery, University of Glasgow
"Probing Light Meson Structure via Tagged Deep Inelastic Scattering"
(Host: P. King)
February 22 No Seminar (Theory candidates interviews)

March 1 No Seminar (Theory candidates interviews)

March 8 No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 15 Robert Baker , Ohio University
"Uncertainty quantification for ab initio nucleon-nucleus scattering"
(Host: C. Elster)
March 23, Wednesday during nuclear lunchtime! Mansi Saxena, Ohio University
"Beta-decay spectroscopy studies – a bridge between nuclear structure and astrophysics"
(Host: Z. Miesel)
March 29 Raul Briceno , Old Dominion University
"Two- and three-particle scattering in QCD"
(Host: D. Phillips)
April 5 Alessandro Lovato ,Argonne National Laboratory
"Conventional” and “Artificial-neural network” quantum Monte Carlo studies of nuclei and neutron matter.
(Host: C. Elster)
April 12 No Seminar (APRIL DNP meeting)

April 19 Anthony Ramirez, LLNL
"Short-lived and energy-dependent fission product yields from neutron-induced fission"
(Host: A. Voinov)
We are starting the semester with remote seminars. The in-person seminars will be in Lindley S321.
The connection info for the video conference (TEAMS or ZOOM) and abstract of the talk will be communicated by email before the seminar.
The emails are sent to the inpp-seminar mailing list. To be added to this mailing list, do contact C. Djalali.

INPP seminar history (Fall 2008-Fall 2021): xlsx file (access with OU credentials)

Nuclear Lunch Seminar
is held in the Gordy 311, Wednesday at 11:50 am.