Seminars: Fall 2022

August 23 No Seminar
August 30 INPP Business Meeting
invitation only (Host: J. Roche)
September 6 No Seminar
September 13 No Seminar
September 20 Christian Drischler, Ohio University
"Nuclear Matter in the FRIB and multi-messenger astronomy era"
(Host: Prakash)
September 27 Tono Coello Perez, Oak Ridge National Lab.
"Adiabatic State Preparation with Custom Quantum Gates"
(Host: Daniel Phillips)
October 4 Ruchi Garg, Michigan State University
"Measurements of nuclear reactions in stellar explosions with SECAR"
(Host: C. Brune)
October 11 Shujie Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Revealing the short range structure of the mirror nuclei 3H and 3He"
(Host: J. Roche)
October 18 Andrew S. Voyles, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Investigating high-energy proton-induced reactions: Implications for level densities and the preequilibrium exciton model"
(Host: A.V. Voinov)
October 25 Tianqi Zhao, Ohio University
"Constraining Nuclear Models from PREX and CREX Data on Lead-208 and Calcium-48 Neutron Skin Thicknesses"
(Host: Prakash)
November 1 Matthias Göbel, Technical University, Darmstadt
"Two-neutron halos and the neutron-neutron scattering length"
(Host: Daniel Phillips)
November 8 Zein-Eddine Meziani, Argonne National Laboratory
"The Proton Gluonic Gravitational Form Factors and its Mass Radius"
(Host: J. Roche)
November 15 (CANCELLED) Akaa Daniel Ayangeakaa, UNC - Chapel Hill
"Talk Title"
(Host: Carl Brune)
November 22 Speaker, Affiliation
"Talk Title"
(Host: Faculty Host)
November 29 Amy Lovell, Los Alamos National Lab.
"Uncertainty Quantification for Fission Modelling"
(Host: Charlotte Elster)
In-person seminars will be in Lindley Hall room 321.
For remote seminars, connection info for the video conference (TEAMS or ZOOM) and abstract of the talk will be communicated by email before the seminar.
The emails are sent to the inpp-seminar mailing list. To be added to this mailing list, contact Prakash.

INPP seminar history (Fall 2008-Fall 2021): xlsx file (access with OU credentials)

Nuclear Lunch Seminar
is held in the R. Finlay Conference room, Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, Wednesday at 11:50 am.