INPP Seminars: Fall 2019

27 August No seminar
First week of classes
3 September No seminar
10 September No Seminar
College of Arts & Sciences Fall Gala
12 September (Note special day and time) Robert Baker (Ohio University)
Title: Electronic Sum Rules and Response Functions from the Symmetry-Adapted No-core Shell Model
(Host: NTG)
17 September Megan Connors (Georgia State University)
Title: Learing about Quark Gluon Plasma via Energy Loss
(Host: Frantz)
24 September Matt Devlin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Title:The LANCE Nuclear Data Measurement Program and its Impact
(Host: Voinov)
1 October Ben Crider (Mississippi State University)
Title: β-decay studies of light- and medium-mass nuclei
(Host: Meisel)
8 October Martin Hoferichter (INT, U. Washington)
Title: Hadronic contributions to g-2
(Host: Phillips)
15 October No seminar
DNP Meeting
22 October Lamiaa El Fassi (Mississippi State University)
Title: Highlights of Color Transparency Studies
(Host: Roche)
29 October Cole Miller (U. Maryland)
Unveiling the Interiors of Neutron Stars
(Host: Prakash)
5 November Saori Pastore (Washington University)
Title: Neutrinos and Nuclei
(Host: Elster)
12 November Remco Zegers (Michigan State University)
(Host: Elster)
13 November
Wednesday 3:00 pm
James deBoer (Notre Dame)
Title: Neutron and secondary gamma-ray spectroscopy for astrophysics and applications
Room 259, Clippinger Lab
(Host: Phillips)
15 November
Friday 4:00 pm
Jack Bishop (Texas A&M)
Title: TexAT: nuclear structure, reactions and astrophysics with a versatile TPC
Roger W. Finlay Conference Room
(Host: Brune)
19 November Yordanka Ilieva (University of South Carolina)
Title: Studies of Hadron Structure and Interactions in Exclusive Real Photoproduction off Deuteron with CLAS
(Host: Hicks)
26 November No seminar
Thanksgiving week
3 December Steve Pain (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Title: Nuclear astrophysics at the centennial of the first nuclear reaction
(Host: Brune)
10 December No Seminar
Finals Week
Seminars are held in the Roger W. Finlay Conference Room in the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m.

INPP seminar history (Fall 2008-Spring 2019): pdf, xlsx,

Nuclear Lunch Seminar
is held in the Roger W. Finlay Conference Room, Wednesday at 11:50 am.

Other seminars and colloquia

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