Nuclear Lunch: Fall 2021


This is an archive of the Fall 2021 topics; the schedule for the current semester is located here.




Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
25 August Daniel Phillips Organizational Meeting
1 September
Ibrahim Alnamlah Measurement of the positive muon anomalous magnetic moment to 0.46 ppm, Physical Review Letters, Volume 126, 141801, 2021.
Faculty Advisor: Justin Frantz
8 September Justin Warren Discussion of questions from previous week.
15 September Nisha Singh Investigating the dark matter minispikes with the gamma-ray signal from the halo of M31, arXiv:2108.09204
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Phillips
22 September Mahesh Poudel Discussion of questions from previous week.
29 September
Justin Bryan Executive Summary of “Science Requirements and Detector Concepts for the Electron-Ion Collider: EIC Yellow Report” arXiv:2103.05419
Faculty Advisor: Chaden Djalali
6 October
Shyam Chauhan Discussion of questions from previous week.
13 October
No meeting DNP meeting (virtual)
20 October Robert Radloff First Precision Measurement of the Parity Violating Asymmetry in Cold Neutron Capture on 3He , Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 131803 (2020).
Faculty Advisor: Carl Brune
27 October Bradley McClung Discussion of questions from previous week.
3 November Gula Hamad Accurate determination of the neutron skin thickness of 208Pb through parity violation in electron scattering Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 172502 (2021).
Faculty Advisor: Charlotte Elster
10 November Alexandra Semposki Discussion of questions from previous week.
17 November Joseph Derkin An increase in the 12C+12C fusion rate from resonances at astrophysical energies
Faculty Advisor: Zach Meisel
24 November
No meeting Thanksgiving break
1 December Yenuel Jones-Alberty Discussion of questions from previous week.

The lead coordinators for Nuclear lunch this semester were faculty members Daniel Phillips and Julie Roche. Other coordinators were Charlotte Elster, Zach Meisel, Chaden Djalali, Justin Frantz, and Carl Brune.