Nuclear Lunch: Fall 2020


This is an archive of the Fall 2020 topics; the schedule for the current semester is located here.




Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
26 August Z. Meisel Organizational Meeting
September 2 I. Alnamlah Taming nuclear complexity with a committee of multilayer neural networks
Lasseri et al., Phys. Rev Lett. 124 162502 (2020).

Faculty Advisor: J. Frantz
September 9 M. Poudel Discussion of questions from previous week.
September 16 J. Murphy Observation of structure in the J/Ψ-pair mass spectrum
LHCb Collaboration, CERN Tech. Rep. CERN-EP-2020-115 (2020).

Faculty Advisor: K. Hicks
September 23 U. Shrestha Discussion of questions from previous week.
September 30 S. Subedi First direct experimental evidence of CNO neutrinos
BOREXINO Collaboration, arXiv:2006.15115 (2020).

Faculty Advisor: C. Brune
October 7 K. Brandenburg Discussion of questions from previous week.
October 14 J. Derkin PIXE analysis of synthetic turf
Vineyard et al., Envir. Ecol. Res. 6 60 (2018)
Another pathway for firefighter exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: firefighter textiles
Peaslee et al., Envir. Sci. Tech. Lett. 7 594 (2020).

Faculty Advisor: Z. Meisel
October 21 Y. Jones-Alberty Discussion of questions from previous week.
October 28 DNP Meeting
November 4 G. Hamad Probing neutron-hidden neutron transitions with the MURMUR experiment
Stasser et al., arXiv:2007.11335 (2020).

Faculty Advisor: D. Phillips
November 11 Veterans Day
November 18 J. Warren Discussion of questions from previous session.
November 25 Thanksgiving
December 2 R. Radloff Nobel Prize in Physics
Faculty Advisor: P. King
December 9 Final Exams

The lead coordinators for Nuclear lunch this semester were faculty members Zach Meisel and Madappa Prakash. Other coordinators were Carl Brune, Charlotte Elster, Justin Frantz, Ken Hicks, Paul King, Daniel Phillips, and Julie Roche.