Nuclear Lunch -- Fall 2009

This is an archive of the Fall 2009 topics; the schedule for the current quarter is located here.


Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
9 Sep Justin Frantz Introduction and Kickoff: String Theory/ADS-CFT Introduction 1 (No paper)
Link to Presentation
16 Sep Chen Ji String Theory/ADS-CFT Introduction 2
The Illusion of Gravity by Juan Maldacena
Also read slides from last week's presentation we didn't get to. For more reference here are selected slides from some talks by Dam Thanh Son
Contrary to previous indications, I thought it best to leave Dam's lectures the way he originally prepared them.
Faculty adviser: Justin Frantz
23 Sep Bing Xia Nuclear Structure 1
Two Papers:
Evidence for Pygmy and Giant Dipole Resonances in 130Sn and 132Sn by Adrich et al.
Nuclear symmetry energy and neutron skins derived from pygmy dipole resonances by Klimkiewicz et al.
Also for reference, story in PNU:
Nuclear Seismology
Faculty adviser: Andreas Schiller
30 Sep Younghin Byun Nuclear Structure 2
Observation of strong low-lying E1 strength in the two-neutron halo nucleus 11Li by T. Nakamura
also focus story
and Coulomb excitation of 11Be by T. Nakamura
Faculty adviser: Andreas Schiller
7 Oct Jerry Yang Chiral Effective Field Theory/Few Body 1
Chapter IV.1 (all except the last section on "Quantum Fluctuations and the Dimension of Spacetime") from Tony Zee's "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell"
and Everything up to the end of Section 1.2 in some lectures on EFT Daniel gave at a Summer School in Prague in 2001--(Czech J. Phys. 52, B49 (2002); nucl-th/0203040 if you want to see the full thing).
Faculty adviser: Daniel Phillips
14 Oct Anton Wiranata Chiral Effective Field Theory/Few Body 2
Modern Theory of Nuclear Forces submitted to "Reviews of Modern Physics" by Evgeny Epelbaum, Hans-Werner Hammer, and Ulf-G. Meissner. arXiv:0811.1338
You are NOT expected to read the whole paper. But you should read Sections IA-D (pp 1-5), Sec IIB, (pp 12-top of p. 17, you don't need to read about the N3LO potential) and Sec IIC (pp 21-half-way through p. 24)
Faculty adviser: Daniel Phillips
21 Oct Nowo Riveli Parity Violation/Qweak
Parity Nonconservation in Inelastic Electron Scattering by Prescott, C.Y. et. al. Phys.Lett., vol. B77, pp. 347-352
Faculty advisers: Julie Roche/Paul King
28 Oct Ken Moore Heavy Ions (Theory) 1
"Jet energy loss, photon production, and photon-hadron correlations at RHIC" by Guang-You Qin, Jorg Ruppert, et al.
"Jet energy loss and high p[T] photon production in hot quark-gluon plasma" by Guang-You Qin, Charles Gale, et al.
Faculty adviser: Madappa Prakash
4 Nov Shloka Chandavar Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize in Physics -- "Information for the Public" document from the Nobel Site
Nobel Prize in Chemistry -- "Information for the Public" document from the Nobel Site
also you may optionally reference the
scientific background article provided there.
Faculty adviser: Ken Hicks

Faculty coordinators for Fall 2009 were Justin Frantz, Charlotte Elster, Ken Hicks, Paul King, Daniel Phillips, Prakash, Julie Roche, and Andreas Schiller.
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