Nuclear Lunch -- Fall 2003

This is an archive of the Fall 2003 topics; the schedule for the current quarter is located here.


Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
17 Sep Carl Brune National Underground Science Laboratory
Recommendation 3, excerpted from the the overview of the DOE/NSF Long Range Plan (June 2002).
24 Sep Anders Gardestig Charge Independence and Charge Symmetry, G.A. Miller and W.T.H. van Oers, in Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions in Nuclei, eds. W. Haxton and E. Henley, World Scientific, Singapore (1995) p. 127-168.
1 Oct Michael Hornish Charge Symmetry Breaking: OU/TRIUMF experiment
Charge symmetry breaking in n+p --> d+pi0, A.K. Opper et al., submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.
8 Oct Catalin Matei Charge Symmetry Breaking: IUCF experiment
Observation of the Charge Symmetry Breaking d + d -> 4He + pi0 Reaction Near Threshold, E. J. Stephenson et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. (in press).
15 Oct Deepshikha Choudhury Pentaquark: Overview
Four Experiments Give Evidence of an Exotic Baryon With Five Quarks, Bertram Schwarzschild, Physics Today, September 2003, p. 19.
22 Oct John Bevington Pentaquark: CLAS experiment
Observation of an Exotic S=+1 Baryon in Exclusive Photoproduction from the Deuteron, S. Stepanyan et al. (The CLAS collaboration)
29 Oct Hang Liu PentaquarkTheory
Diquarks and Exotic Spectroscopy, R.L. Jaffe and F. Wilczek
See ``Background Information'' links below for optional reading.
5 Nov George Caia Proton Form Factor: Theory
Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors, Haiyan Gao, published: Int. J. Mod. Phys E12:1-40 (2003).
12 Nov Glen MacLachlan Proton Form Factor: Experiment
Measurements of the Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Proton at JLab, V. Punjabi, C. Perdrisat, JLab Hall A Collaboration, and GEp-III Collaboration.

Background Information

Faculty coordinators for Fall 2003 were Carl Brune, Daniel Carman, Charlotte Elster, and Daniel Phillips (the latter two on a part-time basis).
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