Nuclear Lunch

Fall 2002

This is an archive of the Fall 2002 topics; the schedule for the current quarter is located here.


Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
11 Sep Daniel Carman Organization and Kick-Off
18 Sep Hang Liu Introduction to Neutrino Physics
Neutrino Oscillations and the Solar Neutrino Problem, by W. Haxton.
25 Sep Glen MacLachlan Neutrino Physics at Super-Kamiokande
Evidence for Oscillation of Atmospheric Neutrinos, The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 1562-1567 (1998).
2 Oct Catalin Matei Neutrino Physics at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Direct Evidence for Neutrino Flavor Tranformation from Neutral-Current Interactions in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, The SNO Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 011301 (2002); and Measurement of charged current interactions produced by 8B solar neutrinos at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, The SNO Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 071301 (2001). The papers are available here.
9 Oct Americo Salas Detector Physics (Experimental methods handout)
16 Oct Deepshikha Choudhury 2002 Nobel Prize for Physics
  • Raymond Davis Jr. and Masatoshi Koshiba: "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos"
  • Riccardo Giacconi: "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which have led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources"
Reading: Advanced Information
23 Oct Vladimir Pascalutsa Intro to CP Violation / B Physics
B Physics and CP Violation, by Helen Quinn
30 Oct George Caia Observation of Direct CP Violation in K[S,L] --> pi-pi Decays, the KTeV Collaboration
6 Nov Ishaq Hleiqawi Measurement of the CP-Violating Asymmetry Amplitude sin2beta, the BABAR collaboration
13 Nov Yuri Pidopryhora Do we really understand quantum mechanics? Strange correlations, paradoxes, and theorems,
F. Laloë, American Journal of Physics 69, 655 (2001).

Background Information

Faculty coordinators for Fall 2002 were Brune, Carman, and Phillips.
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