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About the INPP

The Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics was established at Ohio University in 1991 to bring coherence to several successful but diverse nuclear and particle physics activities taking place within the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and to coordinate activities of both theoretical and experimental subatomic physics.

The Institute is a perfect vehicle for promoting and supporting research in theoretical and experimental subatomic physics, pro-actively educating graduate and undergraduate students in these fields of study, sponsoring joint seminars, hosting visiting scientists, and providing matching funds for new initiatives undertaken with federal agencies and national laboratories.

More information about our activies is available in our 5-year reports:
Prospective students can learn more about the INPP graduate program from this summary and this presentation. The brochure for the Physics and Astronomy graduate program can be found here.


Theoretical and experimental nuclear and particle physics.

Nuclear and Particle Theory

Theoretical research at Ohio University, conducted under the auspices of Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP), contributes in important ways to provide answers to several "milestones" indentified in the 2007 Nuclear Physics Long-Range Plan, namely (a) "What are the phases of strongly interacting matter, and what roles do they play in the cosmos?", (b) "What does Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) predict for the properties of strongly interaction matter?", (c) "What is the nature of the nuclear force that binds protons and neutrons into stable nuclei and rare isotopes?", (d) "What is the nature of neutron stars and dense nuclear matter?". In addition, the INPP enjoys a healthy collaboration with the Astrophysical Institute (API) so that significant leaps can be taken in unravelling the connections between microphysics and macrophysics.


Nuclear and Particle Experiment

Experimental nuclear physics covers a broad range of topics: low-energy experiments for nuclear astrophysics, nuclear structure, and applications; medium-energy experiments to study the structure of the nucleon and quark dynamics of bound states; and experiments with relativistic heavy ions to study nuclear matter under extreme conditions. The experimental nuclear physics group at Ohio University is involved in a broad range of programs in these areas at facilities around the world, including at our very own Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, seeking answers that are at the forefront of the quest to understand the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature.



Faculty, staff, and students of the INPP.


The INPP consists of several faculty performing research in nuclear and particle physics experiment and theory.

Faculty Directory


Several staff members perform vital roles within the INPP, such as lending expertise on data acquisition and accelerator maintenance and operation.

Staff Directory

Graduate Students

Numerous graduate students perform nuclear and particle physics research within the INPP locally at the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory and remotely at several national and international labs.
More information about graduate studies in Nuclear Physics with the INPP can be found in this summary and this presentation.

Graduate Student Directory

Undergraduate Students

The INPP strongly believes in sponsoring undergraduate research. Projects exist in all areas of study throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Undergraduate Student Directory


Seminars, meetings, news, and affiliated institutions.

  • Seminar: Weekly INPP seminar, Tuesdays @4pm
  • Nuclear Lunch: Weekly INPP journal club, Wedendsays @11:50am
  • INPP News: INPP coverage in the Ohio Forum
  • EAL News: Ohio Forum coverage of the Edwards Accelerator Lab
  • P&A Department: Physics & Astronomy Department at Ohio University

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