Nucleon Electro-Weak Structure (NEWS) studies at Ohio University

NEWS group (home page)

img Our group conducts research in experimental intermediate energy nuclear physics with a focus on the study of strongly interacting matter. Our goal is to produce experimental data on the structure of hadronic matter (for example the proton or the neutron) in term of its fundamental constituents: the quarks and the gluons. We emphasize the use of the parity-violating weak interaction (Qweak and G0 experiments) and the electromagnetic interaction in the deep scattering regime (DVCS experiment) as tools for these studies. A description of our research program can be accessed from the tabs located at the right of this screen.


img Our group was born during the Fall of 2006. So far, it consists of two faculty members, one postdoctoral fellow and two graduate students (that's us on the left in May 2010 during the Qweak installation). We also routinely involve undergraduate in our work. If you are a student (graduate or undergraduate) interested in participating in our research, please drop by and talk to one of us.


img Currently, much of our work is carried out with the 100% duty factor polarized 6 GeV electron accelerator of the Jefferson National Laboratory in Newport News, VA. Although the actual experiments are performed at the accelerator site, most of the experimental development and analysis take place on the Athens campus of Ohio University.


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