Seminars: Spring 2019

15 January No seminar
First week of classes
22 January Taya Chetry (Ohio University)
Coherent Vector Meson Photoproduction off Deuterium using CLAS at JLab
(Host: Hicks)
29 January Stephanie Lyons (Michigan State University)
β-decay strength distributions for r-process nucleosynthesis
(Host: Meisel)
5 February TBD
(Host: )
12 February Jin Lei (Ohio University)
Nuclear Reactions in a Three Body Model
(Host: Elster)
19 February Misak Sargsian (Florida International University)
Nuclear Dynamics at Short Distances and the Structure of Superdense Nuclear Matter
(Host: Hicks)
26 February Matthew Shepherd (Indiana University)
Searching for Gluonic Degrees of Freedom in the Hadron Spectrum at GlueX
(Host: Hicks)
5 March Wanpeng Tan (University of Notre Dame)
Carbon Burning in Stars
(Host: Meisel)
12 March No seminar
Spring Break
19 March Sergio Almaraz-Calderon (Florida State University)
Towards unveiling the mystery of the galactic 26Al
(Host: Brune)
26 March Alejandro Sonzogni (Brookhaven National Lab)
Nuclear reactor antineutrinos, hard to detect, but with a traceable lineage
(Host: Brune)
2 April Petr Navratil (TRIUMF)
Nuclear Structure and Dynamics from ab initio Theory
(Host: Popa/Elster)
9 April Ralf Gothe (University of South Carolina)
(Host: Hicks)
16 April Morton Hjorth-Jensen (Michigan State Univ./U. Oslo)
Solving Quantum Mechanical Many-body Problems with Machine Learning Algorithms
(Host: Elster)
23 April E. McClellan (JLab)
Results from the MARATHON experiment at JLab
(Host: Roche)
30 April No Seminar
Finals Week
Seminars are held in the Roger W. Finlay Conference Room in the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory, on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m.

INPP seminar history (Fall 2008-Spring 2017): pdf, xlsx,

Nuclear Lunch Seminar
is held in the Roger W. Finlay Conference Room, Wednesday at 11:50 am.

Other seminars and colloquia

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